Feature Article on Linde Werdelin

About a week ago we were fortunate enough to have a conversation with one of the team members of Linde Werdelin over in London. As it is a very long journey for them to send us one of their watches and the one we had our eye on to review was a limited edition of 75, we were given access to their press area to do as we please.

Linde Werdelin was founded in 2002 by Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin. With the idea to use a combination of watches and instruments, the watches are designed so that you can attach a precision instrument to them to use for either diving or skiing. Morten Linde is a designer and as it says on their website “the creative source of Linde Werdelin”. He has won many awards and prizes for his work and was involved in designing the Copenhagen Public Park. Jorn Werdelin on the other hand has had watch-making in his blood for generations. His grandfather opened a watch and jewelry boutique in Denmark when Jorn was a young boy. As you can tell from their success to date this partnership has been the perfect combination.

Linde Werdelin offer a wide range of timepieces. The watch that took our eye was the Spidolite II Tech Green. This piece is limited to only seventy-five items and looks absolutely incredible. The other watch that is part of this family is the Spidolite II Tech Gold.

The watchcase is made of a combination of alloy, carbon and ceramic making it Linde Werdelin’s lightest and strongest watch so far, weighing in at only 33g. This watch has been designed, or maybe a better word is engineered, over the last two years with a fully skeletonised case and dial to reduce weight while still keeping quite a tough structure to make it ideal for high altitude sports.

When turned over the watch has a sapphire crystal backing, giving the owner the opportunity to view the custom automatic movement by Concepto, which is also visible through the dial.

At almost AUD$16,000, this piece would be a great addition to any watch lover’s collection. It doubles as a sports watch as well as being able to be worn on formal occasions. There is also the option to transform this piece into a high quality instrument for diving or skiing. For me personally this is way outside of my means, but I would love to own one for the simple reason that it looks great and you know every little part of it has been engineered so that it functions to an extremely high standard. This watch is nothing but quality.

For more information about Linde Weldelin and their watches go to www.lindewerdelin.com or check out their Instagram at @lindewerdelin.

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All photos are taken by the team at Linde Werdelin.

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SevenFriday P2

SevenFriday is an exciting brand from Zurich, Switzerland. They were founded in 2012 with the idea of using true design principles. They make industrial-looking timepieces that are engineered with many layers and have a quite intricate design. After seeing many people raving about them in forums and on instagram I thought I had to have one and work out what all the hype was about. Within weeks of me noticing their popularity, there were SevenFriday distributors popping up all over the world.

I chose to get the SevenFriday P2 as in my opinion it is the best looking out of all of their models (P1, P2, P3 and P3/2). The copper and bronze elements seem to work so well with the brown leather strap that they have used. The only issue I have is that I’m not sure how durable the leather band will be as it seems quite prone to wear and tear. Only time will tell on that though.

This timepiece has quite a large face (47X47.6mm) and I was a little worried about how it would look and feel on my wrist. As I was looking through their website I found a really cool feature where you can print off a to-scale picture of the watch and see what it will look like on your wrist. As for the real life version it didn’t disappoint, fitting very comfortably on my wrist.

As for the movement they have chosen to use a Miyota 82S7 21-jewel automatic movement rather than a Swiss movement. Doing it this way has kept the price down (AUD$1150) giving them a great watch at a very competitive price.

SevenFriday really hit the ball out of the park with their idea for the packaging of their timepieces. Each timepiece comes in a wine bottle sized crate made to look like a shipping container. This keeps with their industrial theme and gives the punters something to talk about.

In my opinion this watch definitely lived up to the hype and we recommend you go and grab one. For more details go to www.sevenfriday.com and for my Australian followers check @sevenfridayaustralia on Instagram.

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All photos by Christopher Morrison Website- http://www.christophermorrison.com.auInstagram- @_christopher_morrison

Bausele Yachting Watch Coal

“The yachting model is the watch for connoisseurs and ocean lovers. An impressive range of functions to equip you for the challenges of the sea or land.”

Bausele is an Australian watch company and as I am an Australian watch lover, I felt it fitting that for my first post I review an Australian brand. Bausele, as foreign as it sounds, actually stands for Beyond Australian Elements. The team has such a love for the country that they thought that every where you go you should carry around a piece of Australia. To this end, they have incorporated elements of Australia into the crown of the watch. In this watch it is a small piece of Australian coal. They also offer red earth and sand in others models.

The watch itself is an Australian design but is Swiss made. It has a technical movement by IsaSwiss (Les Brenets) and is assembled at Time Pieces in Mendrisio. The first thing that surprised me about the watch was the price (AUD$588). You are getting a high quality watch with a Swiss movement for a very competitive price.

The watch itself fits very comfortably on the wrist being 40mm diameter but isn’t as weighty as other watches that I have tried. Some may mistake this for lower quality but I believe it makes it more comfortable to wear. Another thing I have noticed doing research on this brand is that many people have said that they don’t like the design of the face but in my opinion this is more of a personal choice. I do think for my style the face is a bit busy with all the dials and hands but this may be to another’s taste.

Some of the features on this timepiece are a yachting race timer, chronograph, hour/minutes/seconds hands, date, waterproof to 200m and superluminova on the hands. These features give you everything you need to either wear this watch in a formal setting or out on your yacht.

For more information about this timepiece or another in Bausele’s range go to www.bausele.com.au or catch them on Instagram @bausele.

All photos by Christopher Morrison. Website- www.christophermorrison.com.au Instagram @_christopher_morrison

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