The Watch This Space Team invades Sydney

Early last week the Watch This Space Team had the chance to fly over to Sydney, and of course we jumped at the opportunity. We were invited to visit TW Steel’s first Australian store in The Strand Arcade just off of Pitt Street Mall and also The Hour Glass on King Street. It was safe to say that I was going to be like a kid in a candy store.

The start of our day didn’t go to plan as our flight was delayed by about an hour due to smoke from bushfires that had settled over Sydney Airport. After this minor hiccup was overcome, the rest of the day went extremely well. When we landed in Sydney we rushed off the plane and headed in the direction of TW Steel. As you can see from the pictures, their new store looks amazing. We were lucky enough to be shown around by TW Steel’s Marketing Coordinator, Rhiannon Sargent.

My pick of the day from the TW Steel store was the CEO Diver, CE 5005 David Coulthard Edition.

After spending around an hour at TW Steel, we headed off to The Hour Glass to meet with their Brand and Marketing Executive, Shwu Ching Chai. She astonished us with her knowledge of all of the brands and watchmakers, as well as giving us facts and insight about each of the watches that she has gained from her time in the industry.

The Hour Glass stocks many of the luxury watch brands and independent brands that aren’t available anywhere else in Australia. The ones we were drawn to in no particular order are MB&F, De Bethune, Parmigiani, Harry Winston, Patek Philippe, Urwerk and Hublot. There are really too many to name, but we got some amazing shots with a lot of watches and got a real insight into the watch industry from Ching. One of the facts that I found most interesting is the reason behind the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore having less numbers than other models. This is because the dial takes over forty hours to make. The winner from the The Hour Glass was the ‘Moonmachine’, a collaboration piece from MB&F and Sarpenava (one that I am really look forward to reviewing).

We ended up spending just over two hours at The Hour Glass and enjoyed every minute of it. After a long day we returned to the airport and had a well-earned beer while we waited for our flight.

In the coming weeks we will be doing reviews on all of the watches that we shot throughout the day, from both TW Steel and The Hour Glass. We would like to thank both Rhiannon and Ching for their help throughout the day and for opening their stores to us.


TW Steel Details-


Shop 14, Ground Floor, The Strand Arcade

412-414 George Street, Sydney CBD

Instagram- @twsteeel and @twsteelaus


The Hour Glass Details-

142 King Street, Sydney NSW

Instagram- @thehourglasswatches_offical


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All photos are taken by Christopher Morrison. His details are as follows.

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Review on Égard Watch Co.’s Hunter


This weeks review will be another model from Égard Watch Co. A few weeks ago we tackled ‘The Adoro’ and we were fortunate enough to receive another model from the team at Égard. This time around we are going to take a look at the ‘Hunter’. Since we have already given a description of the brand in a previous post we are going to get straight into the specifications of the watch and our thoughts on this beautiful timepiece.


The ‘Hunter’ just like the ‘Adoro’ does not disappoint in terms of creativity and innovation,  with the team pushing the limits almost as far as they can go in terms of being different. Many companies have dabbled in making 3D dials (mainly just raising of the numbers) but this watch goes all out. The designer of the watch and one of the companies founders Ilan Srulovicz had this to say about the timepiece, “It was one of my more out there designs. Although in all fairness all my designs are somewhat out there, I can’t help myself”. Personally I really love a loud watch and dial compared to a plain looking watch so this really took my eye. The splashes of blue and the roman numerals really set this baby off.


The Hunter has various subtle aspects and details that don’t immediatly catch the eye but when they do, you realize that a lot of time and care was taken to make this piece. A few examples of this are the engraving on the side of the case, crown and buckle as well as the way the dial seems to be bolted in place by four rods. These details all give a feel that this watch is quality. The watch also has a sapphire crystal backing so that you can see the Swiss sellita sw-220 movement. I am a really fan of brands doing this and I’m aware that with most automatic watches it is common practice, but it is a feature really gets me ticking (pun intended).


A few other specifications that we can give on this piece is that it has a 40 X 42mm cushion case to show off the beautiful dial. The case also features a domed sapphire crystal top. The Hunter is water resistant to 5ATM/165feet and comes with a high quality black leather strap with a butterfly buckle as well as a brown leather strap.


It is now time for us the give our opinion on this piece. With most of my reviews there is usually something for me to pick or to gripe about but with this piece I couldn’t really see anything. I’m not saying by any means its perfect because everyone has different tastes and opinions but this definitely ticked a few boxes for me. There have been rumors about a new model in the works from Égard and if it is anything like this they will be a brand to look out for in the future.


For more information about Egard and the Hunter go to http://www.egardwatches.comor check out their Facebook at They are also on Instagram and that is @egardwatchco.

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All photos are taken by Christopher Morrison. His details are as follows:

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An insight into the mind of Mitchell Button – the man behind the brand Meisturwerk Machinen

This week we have chosen to do something a bit different than normal. In past articles we have written about the brand and picked a watch that we are interested in. This week we were fortunate enough to be able to ask Mitchell Button, the founder of Meisturwerk Machinen, a series of questions. We have also put a few photos in to showcase the merchandise that they have available. We hope you enjoy as we get to delve into the inner thoughts of Mitchell and find out were he hopes to take this brand.

Could you give us a bit of a history about yourself and Meisterwerk Machinen?

My name is Mitchell Button and I am an obsessive compulsive horology / auto / motorcycle / motorsport / couture / photography / design / decor mavin. Meisturwerk Machinen is and always will be a representation of my passions and an outlet for me to share with the world and to gain a following & foundation of like minded people. I founded Meisturwerk Machinen in London, England with nothing but a vision and 100GPB shortly after becoming accustomed to British standard & tradition. I believed that if I couldn’t build a business with only those two ingredients then it wasn’t a business I would care to pour my life & soul into.

Where does the name Meisturwerk Machinen come from?

Meisterstuck- German word for masterpiece.

Uhrwerk- German word for clockwork.

Maschinen- German word for machine.

Disected and fused to formulate Meisturwerk Machinen, this branding is informally translated as “Masterpiece Clockwork Machines”.

What started this whole venture off?

Collecting…or rather “hoarding” fine timepieces. I once worked for a retailer to all my beloved makers such as Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Rolex, Panerai, Patek Phillippe & many others. One of the benefits (and illnesses) of my mind is that I can only truly enjoy something after researching and learning everything that I can about said subject. While representing these historical giants I spent the vast majority of my time researching their history from beginning to present and while doing so participated in the many training levels offered by the brands to further dealer knowledge on manufacturing and production process. I believe that the rich history & implemented training is what poured gasoline on my fire and at that point I was hooked. Between studying Architecture & Design at university / building my motorcycles & cars from the ground up and basically since birth tearing anything in my possession apart to sort out its mechanics, I have had a niche for creating “something from nothing” and this was the moment that most people would consider the realization of what you were put on this earth to do…your contribution to society. I accumulated a vast collection of amazing pieces while working for the jeweler & shortly after stepping foot on British soil I embarked on a new addictive journey…custom leather straps.  I find the beauty in leather straps to be their ability to completely transform a timepiece…they can mold something old into something new again. I always say “if it can be done, I will find a way”, so upon my entry to London and staying true to this I began the many trial and error phases of learning the leather trade so that I could fabricate my own straps. As time passed and techniques were perfected I began to receive requests for commissioned jobs and was always inclined to help. As you now know this evolved into my sole profession and I spent all of my time on leather straps / laptop sleeves / hand crafted buckles. Just as everything is, this was soon not enough so I began dissecting my collected timepieces & modifying them to fit my “vision” of how I would like them to be. As these techniques were perfected they evolved into the more intricate workings of fabricating my own pieces from scratch taking tips from the vintage pieces I was so accustomed to and the techniques of the watchmakers from that era that have currently subsided. This as you now know has evolved into a vast product line and the larger mass production of my individually branded timepieces. Somehow I feel that immortality is a metaphor in the way that we can live forever…but only by leaving a legacy. I would like for Meisturwerk Machinen to be my legacy.

What made you choose this direction for your brand (watches, straight razors, driving gloves)?

I base my designs and product lines off of my interests…Fortunately for myself and for my clients I have an addictive personality and while some opt for drugs or alcohol I choose to addict myself to the finer things in life which in turn makes for a vast array of interests & products.

What are the specifications of the MM-01?

For those interested in the specifications of the MM-01, click the following link.


What made you decide to try and do all of this by yourself?

For me the most important foundation of succession in any business is support…So if you believe in the same principals as I do, I am in fact the opposite of alone in this as my wife provides more support for my insanity than any corporation or financial institution could hope to match.  I do however choose to work alone as I find it difficult to find anyone as obsessive and driven as myself and even if individuals who lived through their obsessions were an abundant resource it would then be difficult to find anyone who shares the same vision of the light at the end of the tunnel…and if that were abundantly available it would then be difficult to find anyone with the intention of traveling the tunnel in the same vessel at the same speed.  The world is full of talented amazing people and everyone is fueled by a different octane but in the end what enables us to enjoy the passions of like minded people is that all artists do what they want, when they want and how they want to do it in order for their product to be as genuine as can be. While some find it easier to bounce ideas off of one another I somehow find clarity with keeping everything in my mind until laying it down on paper and ultimately manufacturing the product. I would like to expand Meisturwerk Machinen in the not too distant future so having explained my history and thought process I would like to add that I am leaving all doors open and will certainly not turn down any opportunities that enable this expansion.

Where do you see this taking you and where do you see Meisturwerk Machinen in the future?

I only have one formula and that is to never slow down…We have one life and with endless opportunities we would be wasteful to not take advantage of them all regardless of the outcome.  I have noted one constant of my progress thus far with Meisturwerk Machinen and it’s that over time my work only amplifies and never decreases so I can guarantee that the one thing you can rely on is that you will only see my label grow and expand into more divisions over time.  I live through my label and believe that the best labels are those built on a foundation of soul and experience so considering my vast array of interests I can honestly say that I haven’t even yet planted the first tree in the orchard that I plan to make the future of my Meisturwerk Machinen.  In terms of the near future…You can expect the drop of MM-02 as we roll into 2014 and MM-03 following shortly after.

For more information on Meisturwerk Machinen head to their website or to their Instagram which is @meisturwerk_machinen

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All photos taken by the guys at Meisturwerk Machinen.

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Review on the ZR-3 from Vestal Watches

Luxury is a very subjective term and here at Watch This Space we don’t want to feel as if we are leaving anyone out, so this week we have decided to give our punters that luxury feel at a modest price. This weeks review is on the ZR-3 from Vestal Watches.

Vestal is a brand that was established in 1997 and is a brand that is marketed towards a wide variety of people. This ranges from everyday people, to musicians, artist and athletes who all have the likeminded view of the brand. Some of their ambassators include MSTRKRFT, Black Lips, Jordy Smith and Chris Haslam. They are a provider of watches, sunglasses, softgoods and accessories to over forty countries around the world.

The watch we were lucky enough to get our hands on this week is the ZR-3. This watch could be considered both a casual and a dress watch. In the coming weeks we will review one of their sport/surf watches. Vestal describes this as their biggest watch to date at a whopping 52mm case (this is something I will touch on a bit later). The watch comes with either a stainless steel band (24mm wide) with deployment clasp or a leather strap.

The watch itself, in my opinion, looks great. The colour scheme on this model with the black/orange goes extremely well with the stainless steel case and band. The oversized numbers on the dial also give it a very modern feel and tying all of this together gives you a very attractive timepiece. On the back of the watch you find what can only be described as a piece of art, with the quote “Unvaryingly regular in rhythm”.

My main gripe with this watch is that the case is massive. I may have smaller wrists than most and I know in the description they described it as their biggest watch to date and this seems to be the ‘in thing’ at the moment but in my eyes it’s a bit over the top. A couple of other specifications on the ZR-3 is that it is a chronograph movement with solid mineral crystals and is water resistant to 100 meters.

For those who are after a luxury watch with a more modest price tag (AUD$449.95), this could be a great option.

For more information about Vestal Watches and their full range of watches and other merchandise go to or check out their Instagram at @vestalaustralia.

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All photos are taken by Christopher Morrison. His details are as follows.

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