Introducing the new Bausele Automatic Pilot Watch

What a privilege Watch This Space, Australia has been given with this article. If you have been with us from the start, you will remember that the Bausele Yachting Coal was the first article/review we had on our page. Today we have been given the opportunity to unveil the new watch from Bausele, the Bausele Automatic Pilot Watch!!

At a glance many wouldn’t notice the placement of the numbers on the watch (I can admit I didn’t either at first). In a daring move, as this watch is inspired by the traditional pilots watches, they have placed the 12 o’clock in the position 2 o’clock would normally be. The reasoning behind this is because pilots back in the day had an advantage if they didn’t have to move their hands to read the time. Christo and the team at Bausele believe this is the way it should be considering we are moving into an age of high performance cars and space travel. This is a bold move and will take a bit to get used to I think.

Bausele’s fundamental idea has always been to take a piece of Australia with you and this watch isn’t any different. There are four different colours, each of which has their own story behind them and also their own Australian element hidden in the crown-

  • The Black & White Limited Edition represents all the colours and creeds of our great nation and contains Cobalt (100 pieces).
  • The Red & Yellow Limited Edition represents the Surf Life Rescue Service and contains sand from one of Australia’s famous beaches (50 pieces).
  • The Blue Limited Edition represents the ocean and the sky and contains a trace of Opal powder from Queensland (50 pieces).
  • The Red Limited Edition represents the Red Centre of Australia and contains red earth from the outback (60 pieces).

Another feature that may not be apparent from first glance also continues with the Australian theme. If you look closely you will see that the second hand is shaped like the Sydney Tower (if you don’t know what that looks like you will have to take our word for it). I should really leave all of these hidden bits and pieces for you to find out but I can’t help myself. The last one I will point out is the cross in the centre of the dial is made to look like the metalwork on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Bausele Automatic Pilot Watch is a limited edition of 260 pieces. 160 of them are with a Soprod movement which is swiss-made (sopord caliber A-10) and the other 100 are a Japanese miyota movement (miyota 9015). A few other features that we haven’t mentioned yet are; the case size (44mm diameter); superluminova on the hands and dial; it is water resistant to 50 meters; the strap is made from premium leather with a folded buckle of black high grade steel. All in all, this timepiece would be best described as amazing engineering at a great price. The retail cost for the Miyota version is AUD$888 and for the Soprod version it is AUD$1488.

Order yours today from or check out their Instagram @bausele.

While you are at your computer check out our Instagram- @watchthisspace11.

All photos taken by the team at Bausele.

Written by Craig Anderson.

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