Quick look at the Avi-8 Fly Boy (AV-4021-04)

“Ever since the turn of military aviation in WWI – the term has stuck as a casual reference to describe young men, who if they were boys on the ground were definitely not boys in the air. Their heroism, swagger and bravado – especially in the hair-raising days of open cockpit combat have been immortalized in modern history”

The second watch that we received from the guys from Avi-8 was the Flyboy. This piece isn’t named after a plane as such but named after those who flew them. “Flyboy” was a term given to a person that was a pilot in the Air Force and this group of men were the inspiration behind these casual timepieces.

Between this and the Lancaster Bomber, the Flyboy was the one that took my eye in terms of looks. There are five different models in this version of the Flyboy but this was the one that really took my eye. It is made with the genuine Nato black leather strap, black dial and stainless steel rose gold plated case. It also looks really impressive on the wrist, as you will see in the picture below.

The movement in this piece is the same as most companies are using in their pieces to keep the cost down and that is a Japanese Automatic Precision movement. The diameter of the case is 42mm X 48mm and as I said earlier in the post it fits very nicely on the wrist. The timepiece has hour, minutes and seconds hand (tastefully shaped like a plane to top it off) as well as the date function.

The timepieces are priced at $640 and for what you are getting I think that this is quite a reasonable price.


To see all of the Avi-8 range go to http://www.avi-8.co.uk/ or check out their instagram at @avi_8.

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