The Slimline Collection, New from TW Steel


Ton Cobelens the Chief Design Officer on why a slimline design was chosen “TW Steel is a real lifestyle brand. For each kind of outfit we have developed a collection or style. The last few years we’ve received a lot of demands from the market to make some of the watches in a slimmer execution for people who wear a suit for example. Although we listen carefully to the demands of the market we had the opinion that our existing collections were not suitable for making slimmer executions. With the introduction of the Pilot Collection last year we had a model that is really suitable for a slim execution, which in turn led us to the Slim Line. Still oversized but more subtle.”

A week or so ago we got sent out two watches from TW Steels new range of Slimline watches. Don’t let the name fool you though TW Steel have still stuck with their statement of being ‘Big in Oversize Watches’ with this piece having a 45mm case just a bit slimmer if you will. This collection shows off ten new pieces. Designed to be more of a dress watch so that it can fit under shirt cuffs and suit jackets where their other models would not have.

We were lucky enough to have a look at two of those ten. One of the models was the TW1300, which has a shiny steel case, a sunray black dial and a black leather strap. The other was the TW1303, which has a gold plated case, a sunray black dial and a black leather strap. Even though the description of these sounds quite similar just by changing the case it turns it into a completely different watch as is evident by the pictures featured though out this post.

Other than the aesthetic differences these two watches have basically the same features. The movement is a Miyota 1S13 slim movement from the Japenese maker who is very popular with many different companies at the moment. These watches also sport three hands, a date marker, a sapphire crystal glass cover and are 5ATM water resistant.

I was actually very surprised with how this watch looked and felt on my wrist. Normally TW Steel watches are too big and bulky for me but this one fitted prefectally on my wrist. It is big don’t get me wrong but it isnt overpowering like a few of their other collections. This watch was also the one that I got most compliments about among friends and family about the look over the watch. With all of that said if you want a relatively inexpensive dress watch then duck into your nearest TW Steel retailer. The TW1303 goes for $AUD499 and the TW1300 goes for $AUD399.

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