Interview with Pierrick Boyer. The Man, The Pastry Chef, The Watch Lover!

We first came across Pierrick on Instagram and were amazed by his love of watches and especially his love of Panerai. At first it was good just to converse with a like-minded person but after digging deeper and looking into what watches Pierrick has and also where his career has taken him so far we thought it was necessary to talk to him formally and let all of you know what he has to say.

Would you be able to tell us a bit about yourself and your history, both personal and professional?  

I grew up in France, near Paris in a lovely area near Versailles. I started working at 15 and left home at 18 to live in Strasbourg, Brussels, Reims and Bordeaux all for a year. At the age of 20 I did one year in the army and spent 6 months in Croatia with the United Nations as a peace keeper. After that I was off to Southern California for 5 years, 1 year in Boston and then a year & half in Paris at the Plaza Athenee. Now I have spent almost 10 years here in amazing Melbourne, Victoria.

I remember my first great watch was given to me at my Communion by my God Father, a gold manual watch, but I have no idea where it is! As well a Citizen watch with the squadron logo on the back of the watch that given at the end of the service. This one was stolen! Then later at around 23, I bought myself a Breitling B1 while in Palm Springs. Only in the past 6-7 years I have bought a Panerai 270 10 days GMT and then for my 35th birthday an IWC big pilot. Then a Chopard Mile Miglia power reserve, a Rolex deep sea, a Panerai Pam382 (Bronzo) and then a Pam323 Radiomir. In a week or two I’ll get the Pam532, Paneristi Forever! As I adore history in general it’s a tribute to Panerai history & to all my Paneristi Brothers & Sisters that I have meet along the way. I have meet incredible people and it’s a very unique & close bond that we share. It’s excellent.

Where did your love of watches come from?

My love of watches started from an early age. First it was what they symbolise. Then the craftsmanship that is fundamental in my line of work. I admire all kinds of work like wood craftsmen and stonemasons for example.

What watches do you have in your personal collection? 

At the moment I have a Panerai 382 Bronzo which is my favourite child! I also have a 323 I cannot wait to get the 532. These are three very different watches all in the same family.

What is your dream watch? 

I would say the Holy Grail would have to be an automatic, skeleton Panerai (part visible, don’t have to be the whole face!). I’ve seen the Pam528 recently in Singapore and posted a little video on Instagram. It is absolutely incredible! For the first 2 minutes I could not take my eyes off of it and had watery eyes. As I said it is incredible but I just cannot afford it!

Where did your love of Panerais come from? 

The first time I saw a Panerai was while in California. This was probably looking at the B1 and was around 1998. I saw the 1950 case 8 days, GMT power reserve, ratrapante in a magazine. The only problem was that it’s manual & maybe the price at the time! I really don’t remember. The look of their watches I adored straight away. They are unique, rounded square and not like any other watch company! Then I researched more and saw the history behind their designs and the army side of it. That is what really interested me.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? 

That’s a hard one to say! I am blessed to do a lot of events in Melbourne, interstates and overseas. I love it! I have done desserts for Royalty, Head of States and athletes. Opening Le Petit Gateau is certainly one of them and to make it a place that is consistent in terms of what it produces.

What does the future hold for you? 

Opening my first flagship store. Where I would do organic breakfast, morning tea, high tea, cooking classes and of course get all sorts of desserts, from raw, to my own & unique style of desserts. Opening overseas would be fantastic as well.

To follow Pierrick and his work have a look below for all of his social media links and website.

Instagram & Twitter: @pierrickboyer

All photos are by Oliver Yuen. Check out his Instagram at @revilo_yuen

And as always, Watch This Space!!

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